Bingo Roulette


Just like with our Flash Fives game, Bingo Roulette takes the classic game of bingo and twists it to give more of a casino feel. This time instead of bingo balls or playing cards, your bingo card is transformed into a game of roulette, and each ‘card’ bought is a strip of 5 random numbers from the roulette table.

he caller is replaced with a spinning roulette wheel and ball, which come together to reveal the numbers of the game. Be the first to fill all 5 numbers on one strip & win the Full House prize.

How to play

Playing the Game

Simply enter the room to buy your tickets. A maximum of 96 tickets can be bought for each game and only once bought are your numbers revealed.

When the game starts, the white roulette ball will spin around the revolving wheel and when they come to a stop, the arrow at the top of the wheel will ‘announce’ the bingo number. If you’ve got that number on your strip, it’ll be covered by a casino chip.

If you’re the first to cover all 5 numbers on one strip, you’re the Bingo Roulette winner – it really is that easy!

Playing the Game

There is also a roulette table at the side of the bingo room, so you can keep an eye on the numbers left to be called.

Playing the Game: numbers

Why not give Bingo Roulette a spin today and bring a little touch of Vegas to your day!