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Funded players only. Country restrictions apply. Offer is ongoing. Reward Coins are granted for every £1 real money wagered in Bingo Rooms and/or £10 real money wagered on Instant Games, or via promotions. Anything less than a full £1 sum wagered in Bingo Rooms, or £10 sum wagered on Instant Games in one session results in the Reward Coins being rounded down to the nearest applicable whole number of Reward Coins. Players receive Reward Coins claim upon next log in. Reward Coins can only be claimed in ‘my zone’ and redeemed at the “Shop”.

Reward yourself for playing

Let’s shop! Come in and see what we’ve got for you. You’ll find a trolly full of free spins and special items, pick your fave’ and go for it. In the shop you will use your Reward Coins, you just need to play slots:
  • Every £10 real money you wager in Instant Games = 1 Reward Coin.
Your Reward Coins will become available when you next play, i.e. if you wager £100 in real money in one session, 10 Reward Coins will be ready to claim on your next login, either the same day or at a later time And don’t forget to claim them in ‘My Zone’! Your Reward Coins will also be shared across all accounts with us, based on your email address. You deserve a shopping spree, put your glad rags on and come see what’s in store.

Terms and Conditions

  • Players located in Northern Ireland cannot participate in this promotion.
  • Loyalty Points [or [Coins/Rewards/Diamonds/Chips] (either of which may be referred to in these Terms of Service as “Loyalty Points” and which may be referred to on the Site as Points, Bingo Points, Reward Coins, Ladies’ Coins, Coins, Chips, Wink Coins or Diamonds) means those Bingo Points awarded through promotions, the purchase of bingo cards as detailed below or by playing on IG.
  • Loyalty Points (LP) shall be accumulated at a rate of 1 point per 1 pound real money wagered in Bingo games and/or 1 point per 10 pounds real money wagered in instant games and must be claimed upon the next login from when they are earned via ‘My Zone’/’My Account’ page. These (LP) can be spent in the ‘Shop’.
  • Anything less than a full £1 sum wagered in Bingo Rooms, or £10 sum wagered on Instant Games in one session results in the LP being rounded down to the nearest applicable whole number of LP.
  • In cases where a player wagers a real money amount resulting in a decimal equivalent Reward Coin number, the LP(s) will be rounded down to the next whole number. Example: If a player wagers £59 on Instant Games they would be entitled to 5. LP.
  • Only bingo room and/or slot games wagered using real money from your bankroll will be eligible for LP.
  • LPs can only be redeemed on items in the “Shop” and claimed via the ‘My Zone’/’My Account’ page.
  • LPs can be accumulated and used, across all our sites, including but not limited to: Wink Bingo, Wink Slots, Costa Bingo and 888Ladies.
  • Players will receive the claim for their LP upon their next log in.
  • We may vary or cancel any promotion, bonus, or special offer at any time. Other than where necessary to prevent fraud or other similar unlawful behaviour, any such variation or cancellation will not apply to you if you have already opted into the promotion, bonus, special, or made a deposit in expectation of receipt of a bonus or other benefits offered, and/or commenced play in relation to the promotion, bonus, or special offer, prior to the date of the communication of the variation or cancellation.
  • Your deposit balance (defined as Transaction Balance under our Withdrawal Policy) is available for withdrawal at any time. General withdrawal terms apply. For further info seeWithdrawal policy
  • Our full Bonus policy applies.
  • Our full Full terms and conditions Apply.

Last updated 25/02/2024